Where are the great local bands playing in Key West?

Last night my friend Joanie and I were discussing what great local bands we have here in Key West. It’s so difficult even for us locals to know and I wondered if there was an app for that? I have found a web site that is useful called 6 Toe Jam. We have an array of amazing musicians that play locally and I’m trying to make an effort to see them more often. Here is my boyfriend and I on our way to Smokin Tuna to listen to some tunes!


Here is how to have the perfect Key West day!

Captain Kevin preparing our lunch!

I meet some wonderful people each month when I organize the Key West TweetUp’s and Barbie Wilson is one of them. Barbie and her husband Kevin have been fishing the Key West waters for over twenty years. Captain Kevin Wilson of Knee Deep Charters is one of the best tour guides in the keys and created the perfect Key West day for me. Barbie is an ultra sound technician and is also a beautiful photographer.  Barbie is well known on Twitter (@Barbiedoll0087) for her Key West sunrise photos each morning.

As we approached mini-lobster season, Barbie invited me to go out on the boat with them on opening day from Geiger Key Marina. I was delighted at the invitation and didn’t hesitate with my YES!  I didn’t expect the amazing day we had and that’s when I decided on the 3 components for a perfect Key West day:

  • Get on a boat
  • Catch some fish
  • Eat it for lunch

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How I’m helping Key West to use Twitter.

I am proud and happy  that I’ve started the monthly Key West TweetUp and I love meeting the people who I tweet with everyday. It’s like they become a part of your virtual family. The problem is that not very many people in Key West tweet. I don’t understand why not? I have met so many people from all over the world and I am learning something new every day. Twitter is my news source, my life line, my virtual life! I guess I’m addicted but that’s ok since now it’s my career and you gotta love what you do.

I am talking to everyone I meet about Twitter and last month I spoke at the HSMAI luncheon.  But it doesn’t seem to help.  I understand that things take time and we live on an island, but twitter is fun and can benefit your business. The time is NOW.  It’s just so funny to evaluate the looks on people’s faces when they hear the words Twitter, Tweets, Hashtag, TweetUp.   I am happy to report that a lot of businesses in Key West are on Facebook and are even starting to write blogs.  Although this is what I hear about twitter, and believe me I am LISTENING!

  • What is Twitter?
  • I don’t need it
  • I don’t understand it.
  • Will it help my google rankings?
There are many more objections but this is what I love about marketing and sales. I love to help people and businesses, and in Key West that goes hand in hand. I see an overall need for more education on social media in Key West and especially Twitter.  I finally feel like I found my dream career living on my dream island.  Last night at the Key West Business Guild mixer, I had some listeners and I may have changed some minds. One thing I do know is that people listen to numbers.  I explained to them the huge population of generation Y and how they outnumber the baby boomer’s and the fact that 96% of them utilize social media.  Gen Y even believes that email is something of the past.  All I did was pull some statistics out and I saw some ears perk up! So come on Key West, let’s get on board and team up together and start twittering about our wonderful paradise. You’ll be amazed at the incredible feedback and the friends you’ll make. And if you don’t have time or you don’t want to, just reach for the Peach!