The Secret To Understanding Women

The female mind is one of the most intriguing enigmas known to man. It can be fascinating, or frustrating, both for men and women.

Men want to understand women, naturally, to be “better” with them, and build stronger relationships; both intimately and in other aspects of life. And women want to understand themselves (don’t we all?).

This universal desire is the foundation for endless theories and discussions about what women want, and how to understand them.


Alas, here it is, finally, the secret to understanding women:

There is no secret.

Disappointed? Don’t be. This freeing realization unlocks the limiting chains of grouping all women, or any mass of people, into a singular classification with a universal remote. The goal of “understanding women” is like trying to understand any other group of people as if they were all one – when they are very much not.

Individual personalities, wants, needs…

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Who says Key West is not a place for kids?


We attended a great event in Bayview park last night! The Key West Outdoor Movies has begun and the kick off was so much fun. Our girls enjoyed the bounce houses, face painting, and seeing all their friends.  The first movie Frozen was a perfect choice and the event had a great turn out. We are looking forward to the first and third Friday of every month and taking the girls! Thank you for a great event and to all the wonderful sponsors! #Keywest is a great place to grow up.

I’m Engaged

I'm Engaged

Now I need to create a new name for my blog. Thanks for all the suggestions below. I’m still trying to decide:
Living the Life in Paradise
Living the Life
Engaged!!!….Blending families in Paradise
Engaged in Key West
Engaged In Paradise
Parents in Paradise
Married now in Heaven
Paradise Becomes You
Not So Single in Paradise
Engaging Paradise
Taken Woman with Palm Trees
Happy Mom in Paradise

I’m going to miss the month of March!

I'm going to miss the month of March!

What a great month it was to be in #Keywest!! I won a green tutu from the folks at “Where the Weird Go Pro.” The weekend before St. Patricks was date night with my boyfriend and we had a wonderful time. The weather, the town, and my life are just wonderful. Practice being happy and grateful everyday and see what happens to you.

Do You Believe in Signs?

I love blogs about #Keywest. Thank you Joyce.

JOLYSE BARNETT'S Margarita Moments & Other Escapes

Fools Rush In, the 1997 romantic comedy starring Selma Hayek and Matthew Perry, is a story about opposites attracting and finding true love in spite of all their differences. The heroine’s belief in signs plays a pivotal role in bringing the two lovers together for their happily-ever-after.

I like that because I believe in signs too.

Jolyse Barnett PhotographyOn our recent Key West getaway to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary, my honey and I arrived at our favorite B&B to learn I had an offer of contract for my romantic suspense novel. That story is set in Key West.

Sign Number One.

We went into full celebration mode, biking, swimming, fishing, and dining at five-star restaurants. On the last night, we embarked on the Jolly Rover II, an eighty-foot tall ship known as a schooner–built in the same style as turn-of-the-century pirate ships. The friendly crew taught us the history of the ship as we soaked in the view.

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Where are the great local bands playing in Key West?

Last night my friend Joanie and I were discussing what great local bands we have here in Key West. It’s so difficult even for us locals to know and I wondered if there was an app for that? I have found a web site that is useful called 6 Toe Jam. We have an array of amazing musicians that play locally and I’m trying to make an effort to see them more often. Here is my boyfriend and I on our way to Smokin Tuna to listen to some tunes!