About Kathryn Watkins

Kathryn Watkins is a corporate social media and communications consultant, and the President/founder of Peach Promotions.  Kathryn has an MBA in marketing and over fifteen years of experience in the hospitality industry and has helped clients such as La Concha Key West and Casa Marina Resort optimize their local brands for sharing, social search, and real-time proactive engagement.

As a consultant and speaker, Kathryn is dedicated to assisting hospitality
industry leaders and other local companies in harnessing the power of social media for measurable, organic brand building.


  1. Debbie Greene (@play_in_nature) · October 13, 2011

    Would LOVE to meet you when we are there. My daughter @tor0706 is also working in social media and has clients around Chicagoland. We are staying at a timeshare this time but last time in Key West stayed at Casa Marina. This time we hope to go to the dry tortugas if you have any suggestions or hookups. I manage a Nature Center in Joliet Il outside of Chicago. My blog is http://www.playinnature.com

    • Kathryn Watkins · October 14, 2011

      Great, I would love to meet you. Just let me know what the dates are and we can set something up. Thank you!

  2. Diana Millikan · July 25, 2013

    I too want to meet you in real time. Your dating in kw blogs caught my eye b/c that is what I am doing in kw too. Sort of. I wrote July 14 2013 article in Solares Hill. Please read it and comment. I am working on another article for SH about interesting minority group working/living in KW now. I will be back to KW last week Oct for 3 weeks. Call me at Banana Bay room 217. Diana

    • Kathryn Watkins · July 25, 2013

      Sounds great Diana! I would love to meet you. Thank you for reading….more to come.

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