Watkins breaks her Silence

My opponent led the charge to lower this year’s mosquito control tax increase to about 25% from 46% by pushing expenses to after the election. The tax payers will have to pay later with interest, fees etc. and Board members Smith and Shaw argued back. Other mosquito control personnel have called Commissioner Cranney­-Gage, Goodman and McDonald the gang of three due to their voting record. She with these other two members of the fiscally irresponsible gang managed to push the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District Key West facility into a trailer that the builder of the project stated might not be permitted by the County. It will likely cost another $500,000 dollars in fees and new expenses. They voted to waste the $1,000,000 (their estimate) spent already on architects, fees, etc. When the builder asked what would the commissioners do if the County refused the permits? Commissioner Cranney­-Gage proposed spending more money to rent even more space. The only way my opponent could make this tax decrease cost more is to put everything on a credit card and pay minimums for the next few years. Do not be fooled. Mosquito Control is as important to public health as the Heath department! The Gang of three’s voting record shows they care nothing about making the tough choices that protect our citizens. Their mismanagement theme has them claiming victory because the nearly 50% tax increase that they created has half its’ expenses pushed to after the election. How much did this shell game cost us? Millions of added expense in interest and wasted money. They have the nerve to call this fiscal responsibility. Jill Cranney­Gage we cannot afford what your management style calls success. Check my facts and decide for yourselves, their wasteful policies will have you outraged. The consequences of what was done at the September 14th FKMC Board meeting are likely to worsen future services and add a lot of expense. It is not the mosquito control personnel to blame, it is some of the elected leadership that is responsible.


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