It’s time to Prevent Mosquitoes, not Swat them!

My opponent in the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board District 1 has realized her need to PREVENT MOSQUITOES and not just rely so much on swatting them. She has changed her mind yet again!
In her recent mailing, she abandoned her campaign slogan, “SWAT TEAM.” It’s nice to see that she has realized that we need to PREVENT mosquitoes and not focus so much on swatting them away. If you’re swatting mosquitoes that means we have failed.
Our current representative in the FKMC District 1 has a history of “flip flopping” with her fiscal spend, cut and crash history. After voting 8 times in favor of the new building construction in Big Coppitt at several board meetings, she decided at the last hour to put our safety at risk by placing the operations in a trailer. This costed the taxpayer’s over a million dollars of their hard earned tax money to be “thrown down the drain” on the architectural and engineer fees that were previously approved and paid for. The Florida Keys is a hurricane zone, therefore it is important that we diversify our resources. We must have a hard structure in the lower keys to operate for the prevention of mosquito borne illnesses. Sometimes when one is too focused on keeping their job, they forget to do it. That job is to keep our community from swatting away mosquitoes that carry diseases. We must prevent, not swat.
This may be a small step but we must help her understand that this financial negligence must come to an end. Putting our health and safety at risk all because you’re afraid of losing your job is unacceptable. Spending down more than half our reserves all while knowing and voting in favor of the building is the worst kind of “sweeping under the carpet” mistake and it puts everyone’s safety at risk.
I believe that the future of our Florida Keys Mosquito Control can be stable and safe once again. Therefore, I ask for your support, I ask for your trust, and I ask for your VOTE on November 8th. Remember, “Prevent them, don’t swat them!” Elect Kathryn Watkins, FKMC Board, District 1. 

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