Single Parent Tips to Introduce the Kids!

So you’re dating, your a single parent, and the person your dating is a single parent also. What’s next,? Let’s say things are going great and you know time is limited because you’re both so busy working and spending time with your kids. It’s almost impossible to get “adult” time together and you’d really like to see your partner more than once a week.  Guess what? There’s an easy and creative way to do it!ImageTake them to the park! Here’s the plan. First you take your kid to the park and you sit down and watch your child play and socialize. Your partner arrives 10 minutes later and sits somewhere close but not next to you. All you have to do is wait for your kids to play together! Then all you do is introduce yourselves as the parent of their new friend. It works and when you start having play dates the kids think they are just getting more time with their new friend when you’re really having some adult time together also. Of course it’s difficult to not show affection for your partner but it also makes it more exciting. Once your kid likes the other parent, boom you’re in!! Over time you can inform your kids you’re going on a date. They will always remember that they are the ones that made it happen!Image


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