Has Social Media changed your life?

The past few years have been a wonderful experience for me utilizing social media and has changed my life in numerous ways. I’ve met new friends, joined new groups, and have organized my own meetings. I’ve often wondered if other people are experiencing similar positive interactions because of social media.

In February of 2011, I attended the NetUp Now social media conference hosted by the wonderful Steve Green in Miami beach, FL. I met some great people and increased my Twitter followers to 1,000 more in just 2 days!

Meeting the famous Jeff Willinger (@JWilie) and Steve Green (SteveGoGreen)

Although many people are not yet seeing the benefits of Twitter in Key West, I decided to host a monthly TweetUp. I’ve since changed the name to the Social Media Meet Up (SMMU). We meet each month and raise money for the Protect Our Reefs organization which also happens to be one of my clients!

TweetUp at the Bottlecap

During the summer my new friend Barbie; or better know as the Key West sunrise queen, took me out on her charter boat to go lobster hunting! Follow her on Twitter for her famous sunrise photos and other beautiful Florida keys photography.

New friend Barbie from Twitter! @Barbiedoll0087

There are other social gatherings in Key West which have also had a positive affect in my life. I attended a Girls Night Out event in which I met one our Fantasy Fest Queen candidates, Elizabeth Ketcham. She was fostering a small dog, which now belongs to Kianna and I.

Girls Night Out event! (Me in center, Elizabeth to my left)

Shitaki kissing Kianna

Since I had lived in Key West from 1994-1997, I kept running into old friends and co-workers from the past. I decided to organize a reunion in September. Utilizing Facebook events we gathered at the Casa Marina resort where we all previously worked.

The Sun Sun Gang from the 1990's

I also joined the Key West Business Guild and have loved attending their networking events each month. I’ve met some great people and have shared some wonderful conversations. I’m also looking forward to speaking at their luncheon on March 7, 2012.

Key West Business Guild mixer at the Alexander's House

And let’s not forget the Sunset Social Drinking Club which has a pub crawl this Saturday, February 25th.  This is a club where the professional go to drink! Did I mention I’m Irish?

Sunset Social Drinking Club

Social media has played an important role in my success in life and business and I hope it has in yours as well. I’m looking forward to what 2012 will bring. Tell me, how has it affected you?



  1. Joanie Sullivan · February 22, 2012

    HI! Love the photos! I was just contemplating giving up Facebook for Lent when I read this blog. I feel I spend too much time on it, and I am checking my phone constantly for all kinds of internet stuff, not just FB but emails and web content, Foursquare, a little Twitter (I am one of those Key Westers that has not gotten the hang of Twitter yet) and more stuff every day. But then I thought why give it up? I love FB! So I’d say it has changed my life a lot, but for the most part it is harmless and fun.

    • Kathryn Watkins · February 22, 2012

      Thanks Joanie! Just looking back on last year I realized how much it has changed my life for the better. I can’t live without it. LOL

  2. Jolyse Barnett · February 22, 2012

    Hi Kathryn. Great post!

    I’m a relative newcomer to social media, having opened my Twitter and FB accounts in mid-2011. As a writer and parent to an autistic child, I felt isolated at times. Not anymore! I have a whole new group of writer friends, as well as friends who share my interest in KW, traveling, and wine. I enjoy writing a blog (mostly about KW) and learning from others’ blogs too. I’m so excited about the positive change it’s made in my life, in so many ways.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, too. KW is a cool town, loyal to FB. But I believe Key Westers will soon grasp the joy of tweeting. There’s enough love and time for all types of social media. 🙂

    • Kathryn Watkins · February 22, 2012

      Thanks for sharing your story Jolyse! Good luck and happy Tweeting. 😉

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