How to make the most of your Facebook Insights.

As I receive more and more request to become a friend of local businesses, I can’t help but wonder why Key West businesses continue to set up their pages incorrectly on Facebook.  I have told many people and businesses that these activities can get them banned. So having your page set up correctly is very important and a few businesses have been informed they will be shut down if they don’t cooperate.  

Facebook insights is a wonderful way to track what impact your having on your fans and your engagement rate. The three main reasons I utilize insights for are:

  • Number of post views
  • Feedback ratio
  • Demographics
It’s very important that your page administrators be able to see what post are the most valuable to their readers and monitor their engagement rate. It also can help you recognize your audience so you can target that specific demographic more precisely.  If you can penetrate 1% feedback ratio from your content, then you are actively engaging with your fans.  The insights can also be tested to help you find out what time of the day is the best time to engage with your fans. I did this with all of my pages and found out different times of the days for each type of business. I love Facebook insights and I use it everyday.  It’s important to have your business page set up with your personal profile linked to it as the administrator. Don’t worry, we won’t be able to see who is administrator, you can hide that feature.  Good luck everyone and use your insights to your advantage. Thank you.

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