Why is your kid in my yoga class? (via Words Colors Cooking and Clothes)

This is hilarious and I totally agree. I could have so many blog post about kids when I wasn’t a mother also. It just seems people have no courtesy anymore so I guess it’s up to the Yoga establishment to set strict rules.

Why is your kid in my yoga class? I don’t have kids yet. In fact, I’m not even married, so perhaps I just don’t understand the need some parents have to bring their children everywhere. Here’s the kicker: I like kids. I do. They’re funny, endearing, dirty little miniature humans. Also, they’re adorable and fun to play with. But I’m eternally confounded by the places parents bring their kids. Granted, some kids are more well-behaved than others (I guess I’ll pray that I don’t have … Read More

via Words Colors Cooking and Clothes



  1. Rachel · June 23, 2011

    Thank’s for checking out my blog!!

    • Kathryn Watkins · June 23, 2011

      Loved it, thanks!

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