You gotta love our Key West residents!

Vicki Rousch and John Gish return their honorary Conch certificates to Monroe County Mayor Heather Carruthers' assistant, Carol Schreck, to protest Gov. Rick Scott.

I don’t like getting political, but I can’t help it. A lot of Key West residents were both disgusted and confused on why our own Conch Republic could do this to us. Yes, they did it, they gave Governor Rick Scott an “Honorary” conch republic certificate last week.  I won’t share the photo because I don’t want you to feel the way we all did when we saw it in the paper on the FRONT PAGE.  But why? I was under the impression that the majority of us don’t like him. Okay, well maybe I just like being friends with what I think is the majority! You know the…..



  • The open-minded
  • Free thinking
  • One human family and friends I have grown to love and admire on our little island paradise.

I’m just glad we have brave people who live here and do things that some of us are afraid of. A big thank you to Vicki Rousch, John Gish, and also Mike Mongo. Mike organized a great protest April 2nd, The Great Scott Urine Assist at the Southernmost point which made frontpage (1) news today.  Read more about Vick and John here. Honorary Conchs give back honor, citing Scott.


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