The Key West Single Mom Intro

So,blogging. What exactly is it and will people really read this? That has been my question for some time now but being the “marketing” lover that I am, I’ve decided to delve right in and give it a go! Plus the fact that my first client is looking for someone to keep up with their blog so I guess I need some experience, right?

I sat down last night to begin my first blog when the phone rang. “Are you going?” she said.  I’ve been wanting to see the Key West Burlesque show for a long time and tonight they had a free show at the Bottlecap. My reply was, “yea, if you are!” So off we went. I had already settled into staying home for the night so it took me awhile to really feel the mood of the night.  Being a single mom, I don’t get out much and that’s okay with me. My daughter is the most beautiful person and I feel fortunate to have her in my life.  But the weekend away from her can be depressing and exhilarating all at the same time.  So why not go out and get my mind off of missing my girl? I thought. This was her 3rd weekend with her dad since the trial and it never gets easy to let her go.

It was a great night and much needed. Now I am settled back into my routine of working from home. Yes, I live in paradise and I am starting my own social media consulting company and this is the reason I must blog! I just recently decided to keep my daughter at home during work hours and it’s not too bad. She’s pretty independent but I think next month, it’s back to daycare time. She is just becoming a toddler so who am I kidding here? So as I began to think about this whole blogging stuff, I asked several friends what I should blog about and I got some great ideas. One said, “being a self employed single mom living in paradise!” and another said, “write about kid friendly activities to do in Key West.” So I’ve decided that since I’m doing this as practice, I’ll write about it all! Dating, single motherhood, dealing with baby daddy, self employment, and Key West kid friendly places! I hope you enjoy this journey and please leave comments, suggestions, and advice!


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