The 5 B’s to a successful bedtime routine for your baby!


I’m often asked, “How do you do it?” I don’t know if they mean survive single mom hood or ever have a moment to myself. The answer is clear; a good bedtime routine. I like to call it my 5 B’s. It works like a charm and I never have to worry about my daughter, Kianna going right to sleep. We’ve all heard the horror stories and seen the Super Nanny episodes where the kids get out of bed, slam doors, whine and cry and refuse to go to sleep. I did NOT want that to be me! Here are my 5 B’s.

1.  Bath (every other night is just fine)

2. Bottle (we call it “Bobby” but it’s a sippy cup of warm milk now)

3. Brush (been brushing her teeth since I saw the first one come in)

4. Book (2 books)

5. Bed (done, works like a charm. I sing and hum her favorite melody as I leave)

Kianna peacefully asleep after reading to herself.

I’m going to miss the month of March!


I'm going to miss the month of March!

What a great month it was to be in #Keywest!! I won a green tutu from the folks at “Where the Weird Go Pro.” The weekend before St. Patricks was date night with my boyfriend and we had a wonderful time. The weather, the town, and my life are just wonderful. Practice being happy and grateful everyday and see what happens to you.

Do You Believe in Signs?

Kathryn Watkins:

I love blogs about #Keywest. Thank you Joyce.

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Fools Rush In, the 1997 romantic comedy starring Selma Hayek and Matthew Perry, is a story about opposites attracting and finding true love in spite of all their differences. The heroine’s belief in signs plays a pivotal role in bringing the two lovers together for their happily-ever-after.

I like that because I believe in signs too.

Jolyse Barnett PhotographyOn our recent Key West getaway to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary, my honey and I arrived at our favorite B&B to learn I had an offer of contract for my romantic suspense novel. That story is set in Key West.

Sign Number One.

We went into…

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Where are the great local bands playing in Key West?

Last night my friend Joanie and I were discussing what great local bands we have here in Key West. It’s so difficult even for us locals to know and I wondered if there was an app for that? I have found a web site that is useful called 6 Toe Jam. We have an array of amazing musicians that play locally and I’m trying to make an effort to see them more often. Here is my boyfriend and I on our way to Smokin Tuna to listen to some tunes!


New Year, new relationship, Oh my!

Where has the time gone? Where have I been? Well, the good news is that the single mom in paradise isn’t so single anymore. That’s right, 6 months in total bliss and a wonderful world wind of love.  Business is good, life is moving fast and now it’s 2014. Looking forward to writing more blogs on Key West and what family friendly things there are to do. My boyfriend also has a 4 year old so we’re always visiting restaurants and events with our girls. Let me know what other things you’d like to hear about from our paradise Key West!


Is the Island Discriminating against the Disabled?

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Five Sixes Need your help to Service the Disabled Population and Tourists with Special Needs.

The meeting is tonight at 6 pm at Old City Hall.


Some days I just scratch my head and wander why we play politics with those that are struggling with Disabilities.

It has been a year or more that our City officials have ignored the needs of our locals and tourists that are disabled.

It is sad that on many occasions you have to get a lawyer involved just for the right thing to be done.

Being a community that bregs of their undying charity….why is it that the issue of proper transportation for the disabled is ignored.

We have more soldiers coming back from war with missing limbs…that alone should be reason enough.


Here are just a few letters that I would like to include on todays blog…maybe this will create interest…

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Single Parent Tips to Introduce the Kids!

So you’re dating, your a single parent, and the person your dating is a single parent also. What’s next,? Let’s say things are going great and you know time is limited because you’re both so busy working and spending time with your kids. It’s almost impossible to get “adult” time together and you’d really like to see your partner more than once a week.  Guess what? There’s an easy and creative way to do it!ImageTake them to the park! Here’s the plan. First you take your kid to the park and you sit down and watch your child play and socialize. Your partner arrives 10 minutes later and sits somewhere close but not next to you. All you have to do is wait for your kids to play together! Then all you do is introduce yourselves as the parent of their new friend. It works and when you start having play dates the kids think they are just getting more time with their new friend when you’re really having some adult time together also. Of course it’s difficult to not show affection for your partner but it also makes it more exciting. Once your kid likes the other parent, boom you’re in!! Over time you can inform your kids you’re going on a date. They will always remember that they are the ones that made it happen!Image

What I’ve learned about dating in Key West: Date 3

I'll try to take it slow, but I'm a redhead and I like to get a step ahead of the game.

I’ll try to take it slow, but I’m a redhead and I like to get a step ahead of the game.

I’ve been telling you about 3 men I’ve dated in the past 3 years. Not a bad record, but these are the 3 that I really liked, you know REALLY liked. First was the writer, then the musician, and now the radio personality. I met this guy when I was the Assistant Director of Fantasy Fest. We had a meeting and I thought this guy was really cute and this was before I had heard his sexy voice on the radio.

Time passed and I didn’t think much about him until one drunken night I saw him at the Green Parrot. I re-introduced myself to him and we began chatting away. Yes, we were both very tipsy at this point and after many more cocktails it was time for me to take a cab home. Oh, but the suggestion from this cute guy with his cute smile invited me to walk to his place and take a cab from there. Needless to say, we both end up naked and he decides to tell me he has a long distance girlfriend. Yes, I was stupid to go home with him and yes, it was wrong to get completely naked with him…but you know you rationalize how you already know this guy and how cute and nice he is. HA, jokes on me cause he has a girlfriend. Well he did cook me breakfast in bed so that was nice and NO we did not have intercourse or sex or smush or whatever you like to call it.

More time passed, he came into the pub where I worked. We flirted some more then he texted me after he left and asked me to come up to his place up the keys because I’m such a “FUN girl.” No thanks, I’ll pass this time. Later I heard he was moving away and I did receive and invitation to the going away party so that was nice. He also sent me a text me on Valentines Day but I didn’t even know who it was because his number was deleted.  I guess, the lesson is learned. Stop being such a “FUN girl!”